Inter Library Loans


We have the ability to request books from outside of the Bucks County Library Network if no library in Bucks County owns the title. Please give us a call or stop at the reference desk for more information.

What do I need?

Before you call or stop in, gather the following information so we can best serve you:

  • Your library card number (it begins with a “B”)
  • The title of the book
  • The author of the book
  • If you are able, please provide us with the ISBN number of the book. This is not required; the title and author should suffice. However, providing us with the ISBN will ensure the correct book is obtained for you.

How does the ILL service work?

Once we have the necessary information, we will put a request into the Inter Library Loan system, and search libraries throughout the state (and sometimes, outside of the state) in an attempt to secure the book for you.

There are many variables involved in this process, so it can take some time. In most cases, expect a wait of 2-4 weeks, but it can take longer. Please allow ample time for your book to arrive. We will call you when it does.

Am I guaranteed to get my book?

No. In some instances, we are unable to obtain requested books. You will be contacted if we cannot secure your item.

How long is the loan period?

ILL books can only be checked out for 2 weeks. We are able to provisionally renew ILL items for a second 2 week period, but we are required to contact the ILL department. They will then contact the lending library to seek renewal approval. If the lending library denies renewal, the book will need to be returned immediately.

Can I get items, other than books, through the ILL service?

No. The ILL service is only applicable to books; we cannot get academic textbooks, audiobooks, movies, CD’s, video games, or any non-book item from outside of the county.

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